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D. Extended Pitch

DIRECTIONS: So, you've given your elevator pitch, and have been asked back by a potential investor to give a short presentation about your company. Congratulations! You are now on to your extended pitch, which takes your business plan and elevator pitch and boils them down into a PowerPoint friendly format. You will make a 12-slide presentation that mirrors your business plan. The structure for your 7-9 minute presentation is:
  1. Title Slide
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Organization and Management
  4. Marketing and Sales Management - Overview
  5. Marketing and Sales Management - Graphic Design
  6. Marketing and Sales Management - Marketing Plan
  7. Marketing and Sales Management - Sales Plan
  8. Service or Product Line
  9. Funding Request
  10. Financials
  11. Contact Information
As you can see, you are not presenting new material- instead, think of it like this:
  • You made your elevator pitch to an investor, who liked your idea and invited you to give a presentation
  • You are about to make a presentation to this investor and her partners
  • You hope that they like it enough to spend time reading your business plan
  • Which, then hopefully, will lead to them spending time investigating your company and eventually investing.
Tips for Success:
  • Make sure your presentation is visually pleasing- have its look match that of your company marketing materials
  • Avoid too many words on the slide- a graphic of some sort and a few words usually works best. Leave the details for your slide notes.
  • Avoid animations and sound effects- OK, they seem cool, but in reality are just distracting and unprofessional.