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C. Elevator Pitch

DIRECTIONS: An Elevator Pitch got its name from this scenario:

You are an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea- but no cash! One day, you go downtown to meet your friend for lunch. You have to meet him at his office in a high rise building. While getting on the elevator you are joined by one other person- whom you recognize as the richest investor in town! You realize that fate has landed a major opportunity in your lap, and decide to pitch her your business idea. You have just 2 minutes till the elevator gets to her floor- make them count!

Today an elevator pitch is a standard tool of any entrepreneur. You are trying to capture an investor’s attention. Get it right, you get funded, blow it and you may be escorted out by security. Though, you might not actually ever be in an elevator when giving your pitch!

Overall, you want to be as clear and quick as possible, and answer 2 essential questions:

  • What problem is your service/product solving?
  • How is your service/product solving this problem?

In general, your elevator pitch must be:

  • Short. Absolutely cannot be longer than two minutes.
  • Easy to understand. No slang or jargon.
  • Investor must see how they will make money.
  • Irrefutable. Leaves no question unanswered. 

Tips & Resources

  • Have good posture and enthusiasm.
  • Be ready for follow up questions- both general and technical.
  • Inject some humor or personality into your pitch. Let us know who you are as a person, as appropriate.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
Some videos of elevator pitch advice and practice:

YouTube Video - Elevator Pitch How To

YouTube Video - Elevator Pitch Example


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