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B5. Service or Product Line

DIRECTIONS: What is it you are selling? In this section you want to explain the service/product you are selling. Emphasize the advantages of your product or service versus others that you identified in section B2. Where will your product be made and stored? Where will you offer your service?

Some ideas to keep in mind for this section:

  • First, identify the need. Who needs your product and why? Why should they pay you money for your product? Refer to your brain storm activity.
  • What is your service/product? Explain in fine detail. How does your service/product solve the need you described. How is it unique? Remember the 2 B's: be clear and be brief.
  • Talk about the availability of your product. Where can people buy your product? Is it available at retail stores? Can I get it online? What are your plans here?
  • Additional products. Are planning on adding extra services or products in the future?


An active lifestyle requires motivation- both internal and external. Research has shown that potential customers want cool looking, comfortable shirts that will last long. We intend to sell motivational t-shirts that promote physical fitness and, as a complement to the desire of our customers to lead a healthy lifestyle, are made of Fair-Trade Organic materials. 

Our product line features a number of quality t-shirts with stylish designs that include our logo and motivational statements that are of targeted appeal to our customers. Our customers want to wear items that they feel good in and keep them motivated. In addition, they want a comfortable t-shirt that is manufactured in a sustainable manner.

We intend to made our product line primarily available online in our eStore. Also, we will seek retail distribution on a local level, with plans to distribute nationally.

While we intend to launch with only with a line of t-shirts, Get Moving intends to expand our product line to include bottoms and outerwear within 1 year. Plans for this expansion are already under consideration.