B4c. Sales Plan

DIRECTIONS: Now lets think of how and who will sell your product.  In the past your sales plan would revolve around how to hire a sales team, but in the last decade that has changed. Today, an entrepreneur can setup an e-commerce site or sell items on eBay for very little startup costs.

Questions to consider for this section include

  • How will you get the word out about your eStore?
  • What is your budget for online advertising?
  • What eStore software will you use?
  • How will you accept payments?
  • How will you handle shipping?
Conventional Sales:
  • How many people will you need to hire to sell your product?  
  • How will you recruit people to sell your product? 
  • How will you train your sales representatives to sell your product?  
  • How much will you pay them?
Example Sales Plan 
Get Moving Shirts intends to pursue both and e-commerce and  conventional sales strategy. We have broken out our plans for sales into the following:

Conventional Sales:
Get Moving plans to have a relatively small sales force because we believe that once our customers understand the benefits of buying fair trade, the product will virtually sell itself.  What we will need is an initial staff to get this message out and let our potential customers know about our product.  

We plan to recruit college students to not only sell our product, but to educate our customers about fair trade companies.  We will offer competitive rates and incentives for selling shirts.  To train our sales representatives, we plan to work with SDSU's Educational Technology to hire summer interns to create training for effective sales.  This will ensure high quality training at a low cost.

Our website, getmovingshirts.com, will serve as both a company information source and our e-commerce site. We do not for our e-commerce site to compete with our conventional sales, instead, we hope for e-commerce to allow for us to quickly expand to new markets not served by our sales force. Our e-commerce site will be hosted for a low cost by BigCommerce, with the PayPal handling our financial transactions. Also, we intend to budget a significant portion of our funds to a marketing campaign through Google Adwords, an acceptable practice in our industry. Finally, all items sold on the site will be sent via UPS.