B4b. Marketing Plan

DIRECTIONS: Your Marketing Strategy should include-

Market Penetration Strategy- Market penetration occurs when a company's product enters the market.  The best way to penetrate the market and gain customers is to take them from a competitor. 

For example, when Get Moving Shirts entered the market we had one major competitor.  We analyzed what our major competitor's customers and came up with ways to gain customers who were wearing their shirts.

Communication Strategy-  A communication strategy details how you plan to reach your customers.  Think about how your business will communicate with its customers.  Companies usually use a combination of the following methods to communicate to customers:

  • Promotions
  • Advertising (web and print)
  • Brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc
  • Public Relations- Image


Market Penetration:

Get Moving Shirts plans to penetrate the motivational T-shirt market by offering shirts constructed with superior materials and superior quality than its one major competitor.  We also plan to use only organic materials constructed by workers who are paid a livable wage.  We plan to seek Fair Trade Certification by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO).  We are confident that our commitment to our workers and to organic materials will set us apart from our competitors who tend to be health and globally conscious individuals.  

Communication Strategy:

Get Moving Shirts will communicate our certified organic fair trade product to our customers through a variety of strategies. These include promotions, web and print advertising, and public relations.

Get Moving Shirts will first focus on gaining interest in our product by offering discounted shirts to local high school sports teams along with an education campaign that explains the benefits to buying fair trade organic products to the whole student body.  We want to create a buzz in the youth market and get them wearing our shirts and caring about organic fair trade products.  

We also want to communicate the virtues of fair trade products using web and print advertising.  We plan to buy space in local sports tournaments and send out representatives to sell shirts at these tournaments.  

Get moving shirts is obviously concerned about our image, otherwise we would not be taking the steps to becoming fair trade certified.  In everything we do, we plan to highlight the fact that our workers are paid well and that the materials we use are organic.  On our web site, visitors will find our workers and farmers stories along with the benefits of buying our product.  We plan to take the green rout to out perform our customers.