B4a. Graphic Design

DIRECTIONS: Your company's logo, business cards, and website are usually the first thing that your customers will see and should communicate what your company is all about. 

In this section you will provide examples of your logo, a business card, and a basic layout for your company website. Use a graphics program to layout these materials.

  • For information on how to design your company's logo, visit this site.
  • Your business cards should contain your companies logo and a short catchy phrase that says what your company is all about in just a few words.
  • Your website should appeal to your customers.  Give them information not only about your products, but other things they may care about.

Since Get Moving Shirts plans to invest time, money, and energy into being an organic fair trade company, everything that we create should highlight this area of our business.  When looking at our logo, business cards, and website, our customers should immediately recognize these traits.


Sample Business Card:

Sample Website Layout: