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B3. Organization & Management

DIRECTIONS: In this section of your business plan you will be detailing who you are and what type of business you will be setting up. It consists of two sections:
  • Founder and Employee Professional Biographies: What is the professional background of the people involved in your business? What strengths do they bring? What about them do we need to know? How will tasks in your business be divided? This is your chance to sell a potential investor on you and your partners as trusted professional who have potential for success?
  • Business Structure: What type of business will you be setting up? A sole proprietorship? Partnership? Limited partnership? Limited Liability Partnership? Each business type has advantages and disadvantages- research and decide what is best for you. Then, write up your results!
    • NOTE: For the purposes of this project, you can not setup a corporation. As a business type corporations had advantages and disadvantages, but they are complicated and outside of the scope of our project.
  • Mission Statement: The Mission Statement explains the point and philosophy of your business in a few words or sentences. It should be easily remembered by the reader. Some famous company mission statements are:
    • 3M
      "To solve unsolved problems innovatively"
    • Mary Kay Cosmetics
      "To give unlimited opportunity to women."
    • Merck (Pharmaceutical company)
      "To preserve and improve human life."
    • Wal-Mart
      "To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people."
    • Walt Disney
      "To make people happy."
    • Google
      "Don't be evil"

Organization and Management
Founder Biographies
Rudy Dominguez (Co-founder, Head of Sales)
Rudy is an expert salesmen with previous retail experience. His previous customer service has given Rudy a strong sales background, and an excellent network of connections. Rudy brings this experience to Get Moving shirts, having created an excellent online sales plan and laid the foundation for a network of retail sales outlets.

Jonathan Morrello (Co-founder, Head of Finance and Management)
Jonathan, who has previous entrepreneurial experience with an educational business in South America, brings a practical toolset to Get Moving. Jonathan is tasked with the creation of a strong organization culture at Get Moving. Jonathans extensive experience with the 'nuts and bolts' of entrepreneurship make him well-suited for this task.

Peter Oskin (Co-founder, Creative Director)
Peter brings over 10 years of graphic design, marketing, and production experience to Get Moving Shirts. His eye for detail and background in the production of clothing will serve the company well. Peter has previously worked with such notable companies as Nike and Adidas. Peter is ready to not only work on print designs for our product line, but is also capable of creating all marketing and communications materials, both in print and online.

Business Structure
Get Moving is organized as a general partnership, with ownership divided as follows:
  • Jonathan Morello- 50%
  • Rudy Dominguez- 35%
  • Peter Oskin- 15%
The structure of this general partnership will allow Get Moving to quickly make decisions, with Jonathan ultimately head of the company. It is understood that Jonathan must get the support of either Peter or Rudy in every major decision, otherwise his choice can be counteracted.

In addition, the founders are ready to sell interest in the company in the same ration as is currently setup. For example, if a 10% share of the company is sold, 5% would be from Jonathan's interest, 3.5% from Rudy, and 1.5% from Peter.

Mission Statement
Get Moving's mission statement is:

"To keep the world active and attractive."