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B1. Executive Summary

DIRECTIONS: The Executive Summary is a key part of your business plan, and the first page that any potential investor in your business will look at. It is, essentially, a 1-page summary of your business plan that an investor can quickly review to see if they are interested. 

But this is the weird thing about Executive Summaries: They are the last part written in your plan.

Please read about the requirements for your Executive Summary below, but do not write  yours until every other part of your business plan is complete. By the time you have written the other parts of your plan the Executive Summary will be relatively easy to put together.

Your 1-page Executive Summary will include:
  • Mission Statement
  • Names and brief bio's (1 sentence) of founders
  • Paragraph description of service or product line
  • Paragraph about funding request and financials
  • Paragraph about sales and marketing plans
Introduction/Mission Statement
Get Moving clothing, whose mission is "To Keep the World Active and Attractive", is in the business of selling workout clothing that motivates the customer. We strongly believe, and research shows that, there is a strong market for comfortable, attractive, natural, and sustainably made clothing among physical-fitness minded consumers.

Founder Biographies
Rudy Dominguez (Co-founder, Head of Sales)
Rudy is an expert salesmen with previous retail experience, a strong sales background, and an excellent network of connections. 

Jonathan Morrello (Co-founder, Head of Finance and Management)
Jonathan, who has previous entrepreneurial experience with an educational business in South America, is tasked with the creation of a strong organization culture at Get Moving. 

Peter Oskin (Co-founder, Creative Director)
Peter brings over 10 years of graphic design, marketing, and production experience to Get Moving Shirts and an eye for detail and background in the production of clothing will serve the company well.

Product Line
Our product line features a number of quality t-shirts with stylish designs that include our logo and motivational statements that are of targeted appeal to our customers. Our customers want to wear items that they feel good in and keep them motivated. In addition, they want a comfortable t-shirt that is manufactured in a sustainable manner.
We intend to made our product line primarily available online in our eStore. Also, we will seek retail distribution on a local level, with plans to distribute nationally.

Funding and Financials
The founders of Get Moving clothing intend to $9000 of personal capital in the business. Our startup budget lists $18,950 of liabilities, meaning a minimum of $9950 in outside funding is needed. We intend to pursue $20000 in funding to give us an appropriate cash cushion.

Our estimated first year financials show our company making a profit of $700 after expenses. This is a positive base upon with to build and expand the business. 

Sales and Marketing
We intend to pursue many sales and marketing channels, including:
  • Partnership and promotion in Fair Trade organizations
  • Sales to high school sports teams
  • Online advertising
  • Sales street teams
  • Retail distribution
We believe that we can successfully build a 'buzz' for our product that will result in strong sales and consistent growth.

Please feel free to contact Jonathan Morello at (858) 555-5555 if you have any further questions about our business plan.