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B. Business Plan

On the subpages below you will find detailed instructions and an example of each step of your business plan.
Take time to read BOTH the directions and the examples for each part of the plan!

Writing for business is different from writing your poetry analysis essay or report on a historical figure. Consequently, being successful in business writing requires a different mindset, summed up as:

Be as clear and as brief as possible when writing for business. 

Some specific things to keep in mind as you write:
  1. Get to the point: Know what you want to write before you write it. Do NOT fill up a page with extra text that does not contribute to what you are trying to say.
  2. Avoid passive voice
  4. Stick to conventional grammar and spelling, and avoid weird capitalization
  5. Bulleted lists are encouraged: They get the information to your reader in a quick and readable format.
  6. Avoid overuse of the 'jargon' of your business: Your readers will likely not be familiar with it anyway. When absolutely needed, explain your terms.
  7. Do not use flowery or figurative language: This is seen in business as wasting the time of your reader. Save it for your blog or first novel.